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April 22, 2017

Good evening !

There is nothing like the weekend to rejuvenate and recharge. Here are some tips based on my books :


1. Detox - Check out the recipes in The Rootz About Hair. They are all fruit based and have many health properties. Did you know that hair health is based on you? What you eat , stress levels , medications and heredity can play a big part. Detoxing and eliminating unwanted things from the body while building up with natural vitamins is a great way to improve your results. 


Want to go straight to the hair and do a detox ? A recipe for a great detox application is in the book as well ! Follow the directions carefully. Snatch off unwanted impurities that may have gotten onto the hair like smoke , dust or even residue from the many products you have tried , but alas don't work. 


2. Go on social media hiatus - If you want to have a headache next week , post all of intentions for the upcoming week on social media. Everyone is not happy for you to succeed. Sometimes it's good to isolate yourself to get some clarity and be mentally strong. 


3. Do something you enjoy - Even if you have to do it alone , do it. Learning how to make yourself happy allows others to see how they need to treat you. Never apologize for being good to you. 


4. Post an affirmation- What did you learn this week? Journal it and see how to apply it. 


Have a great weekend !!! Peace !

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