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What a Week !

April 30, 2017

Honey baby chile .... ( chile is a word today ) ... this has been a week. From traveling west , to the south, to preparing to speak this week, and of course be me , I made it. Tomorrow will be for my proper alignment. It's my day for prayer and time with God , writing out weekly goals , and RELAXATION! 


We cannot operate at our best if we don't take time to restore ourselves. Many times , when we won't do it for ourselves, God will kindly assist us by getting us to ourselves with just Him. This is our cocoon stage. I discuss the cocoon's purpose and reason in our lives in my new book , How to Get Free from People. 


Know that you are important just like everyone else. There is nothing wrong with some quality time with self. Folks will be alright if you disconnect for a while and recharge. We need it to help us all on our journey to purpose. Don't be distracted... get FOCUSED!



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