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Grab Life by the Reigns

May 4, 2017

Good morning ! 

How has your first week of the new month been going ? I'm praying that it is going well. If you have been a little partly cloudy this week, let's discuss some things to keep you on track. 


1. Write out your monthly goals . Rome wasn't built in a day so I have heard , and neither will changes we desire come in just one day. There may be a shift or two here and there , but we must be committed to staying the course. It may take some time , but things can improve for the better. 


2. Grab life by the reigns. In my new book , How to Get Free from People, there is a story about Freckles and myself. The story is definitely worth reading because during that time , the clarity I gained is much like many of us desire. We have to get the strength to take charge of what's going on around us. Please know that you cannot half way do this. True  control is getting a firm grip on the issues that are hindering us. If it's your credit , grab the reigns. Your marriage , grab the reigns. Your faith , grab the reigns. You get the picture.   


3. Everything has a purpose. There is nothing that happens to us that doesn't teach us a lesson. I'm telling you sometimes, as bad as it hurts , the lesson is the most valuable knowledge we could ever acquire. It isn't quickly forgotten. Write down your lessons. In the Bible , King Ahaserus (Xerxes in other bible readings ) journaled his daily life. There was a time his life was saved by someone who forewarned him , but he had forgotten. When he reviewed the journal , he made sure to honor the person who saved him from a potentially deadly plot.   Sometimes, we need to review how much we have grown to avoid making similar mistakes in the future. 


I pray this blog helps someone. Don't forget to share. Wishing you all the peace and love your heart  can hold. 




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