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Branding is Everything

May 13, 2017

Hey everyone! I have been super busy this week but I need to share some nuggets with you all. Branding has been my topic of the week. I have had to educate on it in Houston and again this week in my city. Branding let's everyone know who you are and what you are about. It's your identification marker. This like a signature. It's unique to you only. Here are some tips :


*Make sure your brand can be described quickly and efficiently. 


*Choose a logo that says it all. It should be eye catching. 


* Copyright your logo , images , etc that pertain to your brand. If you're going global , trademark it ! You will be surprised how many people want to be you ... especially if your logo is good. 


*Speak about your brand as often as possible. If you're not talking about it , who else will?


*If you have launched an unsuccessful brand before , go back to the drawing board and do it again. Trial and error is ok in business. 


* Establish a budget and goals for your brand. Some things , you will be able to save on . Other things that add value to your business, you are gonna have to invest. If you don't invest in you , no one else will. 



Hope this helps someone. Get connected to some branding classes that can help you vet your ideas. Need to talk ?... Book on my website .





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