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Change Is Good

May 24, 2017

Change can indeed be a life altering thing. It can be scary, it can be sad, or it can be the best thing ever. Change can be forced or it can be self-imposed. The one constant in all of it is....change is NECESSARY.


Many do not like change. Change forces us or causes us to be in unfamiliar territory. Our comfort blanket is missing. Our "amen" corner is usually on hiatus because when we go through a change, it's unfamiliar to them as well. But we must fret not. Change is always met with resistance. Have you ever tried to work out when you know you haven't in ages? The first couple of weeks, you hate it ( at least I do). Your muscles ache, you can barely move , and on top of that, the results are not visible yet.


But with time, the change is visible! Positive results can be seen. You can fit that outfit that you had way in the back of the closet. Your selfie life picks up. The compliments come. You realize it was worth it. You see all of the pain and persistence builds our inner muscle. I am talking about your inner strength. You can run from change but you cannot hide. It comes for us all. Change is worth it and know that you are as well. Embrace it!









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