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The Cut Off

May 31, 2017

We complain that we are so tired of meaningless interactions with those that vex our nerves. Yet many run to their foe's social media pages like an addict. You are worrried about them talking about you. This is not good behavior! Why do you care about what they are doing more than you care about what you need to be doing ? Let's quickly discuss. 


There comes a time for The Cut Off. It doesn't need to be announced , but it needs to be done. Take them off of your social media pages. Take their number and texts out of your phone. Don't entertain conversations about the enemy honey. Replace the negative with positives only. When something is cut , its severed. Once there's no connection, you can move on. Remember, no announcements... just execute The Cut Off. It may hurt , but it's necessary for growth. That which does not grow ... CUT IT ( THEM) OFF. You will feel much better in the end. For more about this subject , get my new book How to Get Free from People. 

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