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Continued Rehab

June 3, 2017

Real life happens. We shake it off and get ourselves together. All is well ... and then comes a trigger to bring us back to our old selves. This happens to everyone. There are none that are exempt. But we can choose what to entertain. 


Clean that social media list up ! They don't like you ... and you don't like them. They shouldn't be concerned about you and you need not be concerned with them. Stop forcing your way into certain arenas for acceptance. You don't have to entertain anyone that disturbs your peace. Stop talking about negative things. You give them life because you won't let it die. What we speak out of our mouths can become an asset or a hindering factor. Give yourself time to heal. Some things just take time. Keep up with your rehab ( progress) by keeping a journal. And lastly , get out of God's way. If He needed our help , I'm sure He would let us know. Stop trying to fix everything. Some things have to happen in order for the lesson to be learned for good. 


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