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It's Gonna Work Out ...Trust

June 25, 2017

It's been a minute ! Real life has been going on. Just like with all of us on this planet, plans had some unexpected twists. It's so easy to get frustrated, but if I could only just share with a few things I have learned this month , you mignt have a smile for the week :


  • Be mentally prepared in advance. Just because you got plans , doesn't mean anyone or anything cares. You have to be in declarative mode to get things accomplished. 
  • Plans work best sometimes in private. With social media , we love to get sucked into telling all of our plans. Everyone isn't praying for you. Many are praying against you. Stop helping them win by telling everything. Just do it and then they will know. 
  • Develop strategies to keep going when the plan goes awry. Chile.... life is unscripted. There is usually a solution but you have to put your mind and spirit to it. Write it out so you can see the plan. Have you ever tried to build a house in your area ? You don't have a set a plans for that structure , to them ... you ain't got no plans to be living in that space. Writing things out allows you to see how things may need to be changed to complete your plans. 
  • It will work out. We put timelines on ourselves by nature. Many times we are not mature enough, savvy enough , or even independent enough to get it done at that time. To get to where you have never been , you for to travel there mind, body and spirit. Sometimes , all of that is not working together. Uncharted territory requires preparation of all of your life force to make it. 
  • Trust ! Do you really trust yourself or Higher power enough to expect things to work out ? If all you speak is negative, that's all your harvest will be. If you're planting seeds of progress , you must water and tend to it as such. Stop spewing that negative fertilizer out of your mouth. Pull up the weeds of doubt. You got to able to trust in order to believe.
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