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The Shakeup before the Shakeback

July 2, 2017

It's July everyone ! The second half of the year is here. It came some fast huh?! Well , the good news is we got time to still plant for a harvest. Did you know that some things only grow in certain seasons ? Did you know that you are one of those ? Welp... let's discuss. 


  • The Shakeup... so the first half of the year you have been saying what you are gonna do, who you're gonna cut off , and all of those New Year resolutions that you declared ... that now you don't even remember. Lol. Well , you ain't the only one. Sometimes the journey comes with a Shakeup or two. Sometimes, it's a multitude. We are right at 26 weeks down and now you may feel some type of way. 

  • The Shakeback ... soooooo you do know that the only person that's stopping you is you right ??? One thing we all are guilty of is declaring openly what we are about to do before knowing how we are gonna get it done , especially on social media. Now you have this enormous weight to get things done in a hurry. Honey good things take time. Nothing fast has real long term value. There are some goals that you can achieve fairly quickly , but many times , you got to work it for a minute! To get a harvest , you can't rush Mother Nature. You got to allow things to develop beneath the surface and then you start to see results.  Allow yourself to develop beneath the surface. People respect what you do , not what you say. Work your goals. Who said it was over ? Who has that much power over you ? In most cases , we set us back. Go dig up that journal or scratch paper with those goals. Speak them out loud to yourself , not to everyone else first. Make this a daily habit. What you call to .... will answer you. We got 26 more weeks in the year .... LETS GET IT !


Paula ....

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