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Selective Decisions

July 10, 2017

Yes it's Monday. It is now time to get moving about the week. Many dread certain encounters and interactions. But if you look closer, you can save yourself a few strands of hair by doing some of the following :


  • Meditation and prayer ... either together or separate, you gotta be active about centering yourself from within. It's the innner man that usually takes the biggest brunt of force when dealing with folks. Like the old people say "Put on your armor." These two things can help greatly. 

  • Schedule social media ... many are guilty of being on social media for hours on end daily. 30 minutes 4 times a day still adds up to 2 full hours of doing nothing but using your wrist and that finger to scroll and get in other folks business. How else can you spend those 2 hours to benefit yourself?

  • Adopt a Hannah or Mordecai spirit. Even if you're not a bible reader , they are good people to study. Both dealt with people that vexed them and in one case , plotted for months to destroy them. Yes petty was going on back in the day and is still a popular method for insecure folks. We have to learn to respond gracefully or take their names and doings out of our conversations. Stop giving them power. 

  • Celebrate your wins this week.... it can be a simple thing but you can celebrate yourself. Beating yourself up is easy. Learning to celebrate yourself takes some practice but self care is important. 

  • Be selective... sometimes you have to back off of anything that leaves your spirit in an uproar for days. Replace it with something positive. You don't have to disconnect if it is something that you love , but know that it's ok to go on vacation or time out voluntarily. They will be alright and so will you. 

Here's to a great week of purpose on purpose!



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