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Summer Hair Woes

July 12, 2017

I haven't written about hair in a minute. We have been working so much on our inner selves , we have neglected to discuss what people normally see first. It's summer and the heat is not playing. Strands of hair all over the bathroom are increasing and most are putting their hair up in protective styles for convenience, but never addressing any issues with their hair. 


One of the biggest issues this year are eczema flare ups. Many suffer from eczema and yes you can have it on the scalp. You may be making it even worse by wearing synthetic hair, which can further dry out the scalp or what we all love in the summer .... eating ice cream or other cool dairy products which can really set eczema off. 


  • Treat your scalp. Make sure you're using your prescriptions or using oils like lavender or jojoba as a preshampoo or with your shampoo. Both are considered to be hypoallergenic and may allow the scalp to be  hydrated and healed. 

  • Protect the scalp from the sun. If you're flared up , you may have to wrap your head in some cute wraps to keep the sun off. During flare ups your skin and scalp are very vulnerable. 

  • Consider darkening your hair color. Light hair is fly but absorbs lots of sunlight. Darker hair reflects light. If you can not even fathom the thought ... scroll up to the other options. 

  • Avoid scratching during flare ups. It's hard but scratching can damage the scalp , hurt  the hair follicle or even cause infection from bacteria. 

More of this is in my book , The Rootz About Hair. Definitely get you a copy for recipes , detox, hydration and real life hair drama. 




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