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Lies are a Distraction from Your God Given Purpose

August 4, 2017

Great morning!

I pray everyone has had a great week so far. I want to share something about a very petty but common issue that hinders and robs us all .... LIES .


It's stated that a lie is nothing for someone to tell. They come flying out of mouths like raining dollar bills. Most lies are usually uncovered in the end , but many times so much damage has occurred that certain paths can no longer be crossed. 


Lies are a distraction. We have all been robbed of time either checking someone for the lie or trying to find out who else knew about the lie and chose to stay silent. This is a very time consuming process and actually gives unnecessary power and attention to those that really have nothing to do with their time ... bless their hearts. 


In my book , How to Get Free from People, I discuss this in Everything's Out in the Open chapter. You may have to correct some folks or situations but try whenever possible to stay on your goals. Take stock of what happened , learn the hard lesson from it and just move along. In today's time , lies can travel at warp speed but so can goals, dreams, and productivity. Make sure you're on the right side of history by staying focused on your goals and dreams. New levels, new devils... but know that if you stay focused on the immature folks that tell the truth probably never , you are delaying yourself. Get free and move along honey. 




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