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Push Through

August 24, 2017

Baby when I tell you this has been a trying 4 weeks for me ! Yes honey , I get tired too. I'm human after all and so are you. Dealing with life's twists and turns can have you wondering what have you done to deserve all of this action. 


Well, leveling up comes with wisdom. Wisdom is usually gained from obstacles crossed and overcame. We all want to yell to the mountain to just move. But we have to remember to get to the other side, we got to cross over or go around. 


Sometimes.... we have to deal with our insecurities and our inadequacies. We have to acknowledge we need help, prayer , a smile or a positive affirmation. And often, we must encourage ourselves. We do that by drawing near to people and things that give us true strength. And before you know it , we are on the other side. 


Some folks may have stayed behind, left you feeling some type of way , or even you made the decision to move on. But you made it!!! Learn to celebrate in the hallways before the doors open. Remind yourself what you did right and learn from where you made mistakes. Make a decision to get better and use knowledge like fuel. You will be surprised where you land. 


A new season is approaching. Be sure to renew your commitment and your chosen course (roadmap) for success on the other side. We can do it ... we're equipped to succeed. 



Peace and blessings,



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