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It's Ok to Take Care Of You

September 13, 2017

Hey everyone!


We are at midweek. Question... are you taking care of yourself? Like for real ... have you spent time with you ? 


Remember when it was cool to not answer phone calls, just hop up and take or trip , or even declare that today was your spa day? Remember when Saturday's were for getting cute and being social ? Remember when we used to sit in the bed and meditate? When self care was important? Times have changed and many feel obligated to the streets. By that I mean you have to be everywhere and in everything. 


Honey you are an overachiever. But being busy doesn't make us effective. If you cannot pencil yourself into your schedule , you need to start. Know that it's ok to take care of yourself and do things that don't cause you drama. And it's ok to tell people NO. Stop being sucked into foolery or into schedules that cannot be accomplished even with the best plan. Life happens and when it does, you will learn to place more value on yourself. Remember.... you are valuable. Take care of yourself! 



Peace and Blessjngs 



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