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You’re Surviving

November 9, 2017

Hi there !

I can’t speak for anyone else , but this has been one interesting year ! Some plans have been skewed , some folks got deleted, and some days .... are just partly cloudy. 


That may not sound like the best beginning paragraph, but go with me on this. Sometimes, things just are what they are. We may not have been ready for what we have been praying for .... but we can get ready. 


1. Write down  where you missed the mark. Don’t let it discourage you. Let it empower you. 


2. You done gave all year. Why not give to yourself ? You deserve some good treatment. How you treat yourself, is how others will treat you as well. Take time to get off of social media , look in the mirror and discover the awesome person with potential staring back at you. 


3. Try again. When we don’t succeed sometimes , we feel like we didn’t get crowned or something. But as long as you have life in your body , get up off of your rump, surround yourself with good energy , even if it’s just you , and try again.  Greatness is the ability to adapt and overcome, not fall out and quit. 



4. Make each moment count. There are 53 days left. That’s lots of time to accomplish something. Let the lessons of 2017 prepare you for 2018. You should be better than ever because we all learned something new everyday.



Peace, Love , and Let’s Finish Strong,





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