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Don’t Count Yourself Out

November 19, 2017

Good morning !


As the holidays approach , we all tend to slow down. Many use their time to chart their course for the next year. Some plan the entire year out ( I am one of them sometimes ). As we all know , life happens sometimes and things don’t go as planned. This can cause lots of doubt but I wanted to share some tools of survival. 


1. It is what it is. Sometimes , we just cannot get it done. Maybe it’s because we don’t have the tools , support, or finances. Do not let this deter you. A delayed dream is not a denied dream. Learn what didn’t work and get back at it. Some things are also not for us. We need to also learn to be thankful for what DID NOT GO OUR WAY. We may have been about to put more on ourselves then we can handle. Assess , adjust , and align yourself with the mindset of moving forward. 


2. Readjust your focus. We want to succeed for other people. We want to stunt for social media. Many of the people you’re posting for do not care what you do. “Likes” cannot be deposited.   

Focus on balance , goals, and getting yourself together. You need support and genuine folks , not likes.  


3. Disconnect from bad energy. We all have a tendency to be in the presence or a part of things with bad energy. There are certain places and groups that benefit us not. They run your blood pressure up , distort your vision and take you off course. But the kicker is they deplete your energy. Learn to disconnect before you tap out . Just like old clothes don’t fit you anymore, neither do certain people or groups. Cut the conversations and get yourself together. 


4. Stop allowing folks to lie to you. Listening to liars is the most time depleting exercise you will ever experience. First you take up time figuring out what they are lying about. Then you have to figure out why ( you don’t have to but you wanna know ). It’s more parts to discovery but we will skip to the part where you are mad for entertaining them in the first place. In your down time , slide those folks to DO NOT DISTURB. They are distractions and you cannot do any of the above when being distracted by their chatter. 


Being grown does require us to do these things. It’s not always pleasant but to get where we need to be , have balance in busy times , and have peace... ITS A MUST ...time is something we cannot get back. Press pause , adjust yourself, and get back in the game of life. 


Peace ,









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