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November 30, 2017

So let’s talk about a circle and what it means. A circle is a symbol of totality, considered eternal and the most important....“wholeness.” Now in life , we often use this to describe the people around us ... “ our circle.” But we must be mindful of what certain types of people do to our circle. 


1. The unhappy one. Having someone in the circle that doesn’t like anyone or anything... that spirit will transfer onto you eventually. Flee.


2. The one that is tried and true. Often, we overlook those in the circle that always have our back. We don’t always hang around them but they know the real you and are your biggest cheerleader. From personal experience, that is the number 1 person you need to keep around you. No they don’t care for other people in your group because the can spot trouble. They won’t be talking to or hanging around the “ new” friend until some milestones have been reached. And when you get burned by the new one, they will be there to fix you so you can enlarge your territory. But I will say , trust their judgement. If they tell you to watch someone , it’s usually because they have seen your new “friend” with their mask off. 


3. The straddled. FLEEEEE. !!!! The same one that always brings you something , will carry something. They are like locusts. They tear down everything ... including you and then run to the next group of people. They have to be accepted ( although they will tell you they don’t have to be) and can appear to be sincerely in your corner. No ma’am and no sir. They are not in your corner and as soon as they can , they will drop you on your butt. Plus they will have the “ I left them because they did me something syndrome.” Sometimes it’s true but more often than not .... they are puppet masters carrying information from one  to the next. Just pay attention. 


As we only have 31 days in the year , if you’re praying for a sign , folks will show you and so will a higher power. Your circle should build you and just because you’re around people, doesn’t mean they belong in it. Stop using that “friend” word so much. You all are not always friends, you just spend lots of time together. Be sure not to neglect your real friends because that true circle right there , that’s your tribe. They will be there but don’t abuse them. If folks are not agreeing with you , causing you drama, or you just can’t be telling as the old saying goes...LET THEM GO. We all love to feel a part of something but maybe you need to start your own group and go national. People will use you , rob you of energy and have your circle out of balance. Our circle says much about us. Make sure that as you get ready for 2018 , you identify who doesn’t give balance to your circle and kindly let them out. Balance is for you. And just know that you are powerful without certain people. Even a small circle .... is still a circle and it still equals 360 degrees. 








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