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Avent Time

December 8, 2017

Advent simply means the anticipation of the arrival of something. During the holidays, we anticipate not just good feelings , but the birth of Jesus. This is the time of year we get to celebrate , take stock of the year and “anticipate” new beginnings that the new year will bring. 


We must remember that advent time requires us to find balance. That cell phone that you just keep attached to you like a body part.... set a time for “Do Not Disturb.” Read a good book, listen to your favorite songs ... reconnect with self. That Look Book ...takes up too much time.  Purge things that get in the way of your vision. You can’t anticipate anything with blurred sight. Learn to love what’s cool and unique about yourself. We are all flawed but for the most part, we are pretty dope !


Life is what we make it. Know that you can create your own advent time whenever you choose , not just the holidays. Positive thoughts, peace, growth , etc will not spring forward if we don’t plant the habit. Your space should be your sanctuary to recharge and rebuild. Stop overloading yourself. And the most important... stop trying to please others. Make yourself a priority. 


We must learn to get back to our foundation and that’s what advent is ultimately about. What are you anticipating? Whatever it may be , know that you are worthy and that you deserve. 





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