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Begin Your New Year Now

December 18, 2017

Hey everyone!


Last week was interesting... but it turned out all good. Why ? Because I was determined to not allow anything that made me feel negative take over my time. It’s important to learn to develop a habit of responding differently to situations. 


We have all fussed , made declarations what we are not gonna do ... and when the same situation comes , we do the same thing. Well,2018 is here ... well it’s 14 days away, but start now. Why do we wait until January 1 is beyond me. You can declare  a new thing any time you want to. It’s time to grow up and do better. Take better care of ourselves. Stop feeding into things that produce nothing. Start now. It takes time to develop a new habit. 


If you have always attempted to do right in the new year only to fall off in the first 30, that is a sign you might not really be about change. Start now ! Make your list , hold yourself account and celebrate your progress. 2018 will be what we make it. The same people will be around and even some situations. It’s our response and how we care for ourselves that will make the difference. Remember how you treat yourself is how others will treat you.








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