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Put a Period , Not a Comma

December 31, 2017

Last day of the year ! Everyone is posting , testifying, and declaring what they aren’t gonna do in 2018. But if you’re really about that life , you know the one you crave, then you gotta change your story. 


Some of our life story requires that we check the grammar. We have commas everywhere, as if something is to continue in our lives. Our mouths say one thing , but the pen of your heart is doing something else. My mother said a phrase I hadn’t heard in forever ... Woof Tickets! Now back in the day , if someone said you were selling woof tickets , that basically meant you were lying. But her statement had much truth in it. The Bible says to beware of dogs. In other words, be mindful of false claims. Well we claim things in our lives all the time knowing that you still have a comma where a period is supposed to be.


It’s time. It’s time to close the chapter on some things. It’s time to put a period. Maybe it’s toxic relationships. Maybe it’s negative social media posts. Maybe it’s denial of self pleasure. It could even be about finances. Whatever needs to change , hit review and correct your life punctuation. It’s hard but how will you ever do something different if you keep using the same formula? Get your heart and mind to match your mouth. Here’s to a great story in 2018. 



Peace ,



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