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Following Your Passions

April 24, 2018

Good morning! It’s been awhile ! I have been getting lots of emails of folks that are discouraged about their dreams and passions. I wanted to share a few things that may help.

1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. It is easy to get into the mindset of failure if you’re comparing yourself to another. The internet gives us access to another person’s glory ,but oftentimes, the story of how they got there is omitted. 


2. Run your own race. People can help, but I have found that they treat your passion a step less than how you treat it. If you half treat something, they will treat it with a quarter of passion. You gotta keep going even if no one is supporting. Find groups that have people going in the same direction. Just because you are close to someone, married to them or even the child of someone doesn’t mean they are passionate about what you do. 


3. Don’t quit. The journey can be rough and it’s always surprising who is praying or talking against you. But if you have a God given passion that keeps you up at night ...DO NOT QUIT. You may have to readjust, monitor who you’re talking to or keep your main job. Be sure to keep going. Do not let folks discourage you. Visions don’t just intimidate you , but those around you as well. Stay silent to them and talk to God along with others that speak your language. Elevation requires separation. 


Peace and Blessings,



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