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Time To Do A New Thing

May 19, 2018

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday to you all. Mid year is coming up and I am getting lots of emails about how certain things aren’t working. It can be difficult when you have to be self motivated , but honey there’s a cure for that ... do a new thing. 


This may require assessing what isn’t working. It may be in business, an organization or group ... doesn’t matter , same principle. You have to be honest and just switch gears. It’s ok to switch things up. Not being willing to do so is how many businesses, groups and relationships fall by the wayside. Write your changes down and make them plain. Discuss them with who you need to. We have 86,400 seconds in a day. We don’t do the same thing all day , so you don’t have to in anything else either. Change is not always comfortable and it can be quite the task. I’m encouraging you and me to switch it up , be done with it , and get started doing something different. How you respect your changes, is how others will respect the switch. Silence out the noise and do what is best for you and your dealings  . Don’t forget that you can book free consultations on the Book Online tab. 


Peace and Blessings,


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