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Nothing is Impossible

August 31, 2018

Good morning! So today, I woke up with something burning in me to say. I know that it isn’t just for me. This season that we are in , is DIFFERENT. Social media will have you doubting. The people around you have you doubting. Then, you start to doubt yourself. Let me tell you 3 things that you need to know :


1. You are your Super Power ! There is no one on the planet like you. That uniqueness is what will set you apart in everything. 


2. Stop Playing Yourself Weak! Remember, how you treat yourself is how others will treat you. Instead, come strong so folks will know how they need to treat you. 


3. Learn to Go Alone ! If Noah would have never built the ark, there would be nothing to talk about. Nobody discusses the people that thought he was crazy. If you read the entire story , he was GIVEN THE TOOLS HE NEEDED AND AN ASSIGNMENT. Do you have an assignment? Then do it ! The time you take to explain your vision to people that are not listening to you , neither understand, you could have made some progress. Whether you move fast , slow or somewhere in between... get it done ! 


The ninth month is upon us , it’s time to work. Don’t go into next still haven’t completed things that can be done this year ... when all you had to do is get to work with the tools you have. You gotta start somewhere. The time is NOW !!



Be Blessed and Don’t Play Soft ... Lets Go,




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