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Last Quarter... Day 2

October 2, 2018


Hey everyone! I’m sure you saw floods of postings about the beginning of the final quarter of the year. Some were ready...others... so-so. It’s important when goal setting to come to the table with yourself and identify the goals you can get done this year. 


1. Quiet time .... stop picking up your phone going to social media. Get quiet so you can adjust your thoughts. 


2. Busybody...everyone likes being busy but many struggle to be productive. If you want to feel overwhelmed, try putting too much on your plate, know that you can’t finish, and then get to the end of the day with nothing done ! If you know that isn’t for your spirit, focus on productivity. If you’re busy from being productive, chances are you will complete your tasks. 


3. Do you... do you have any down time for yourself? Doing what we like to do can help us be more creative , less stressed and that can equal production. It’s all about accomplishing goals and not just wishing you could complete them. 


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