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Addicted to Being Needed

October 18, 2018


Somewhere out there .... is a person who just has to be the solution for everything and everyone.  A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I got into a deep and profound conversation about addictions. He actually brought up the fact that some people complain that they are tired of people always needing them and then when people don’t , they feel some type of way. Now honey ... we have all done this, but there are some that just do the most. I will not go at this from a petty perspective because this is a positive zone ... but let’s talk about how counterproductive this habit is. 


A person that is addicted to being need does the following:

1. Complain when someone asks them to do something. 

2. Discourage others from working , but they will be on the scene because “ nobody else will help.” 

3. Run themselves tired, swear they won’t do it again... until tomorrow.


Now again, this is not for shade. This .... wastes sooooo much of our time and does nothing beneficial for long term goals. If you are helping everyone else, when do you have time for yourself? Did you complete your goals ?  Probably not because you just had to assist somewhere else. People that do this have high extrinsic needs. Look it up. These are people that need praise from others to achieve their goals. Now we do this to do babies , but at what point are you too big for that ? Sometimes, the silence and solitude is God’s design so you can focus on you. But many struggle to deal with themselves so they feel worthy when they are needed all of the time. Listen ...if you are really determined to be a better person, then you gotta focus on intrinsic needs. You need you! Happy people know that true worth comes from within. Break the addiction of the destructive and unproductive cycle by giving yourself a break from the high and lows of needing to be needed. Put your grown self up on the game of production! If you need help, How to Get Free from People...The Get Real Addition is gonna bless you real good. Purchase in the Store section. Get it together and live your best life .

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