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We Did It !

March 10, 2019

Soooooo I’m headed home ... on a layover in Denver .... but I wanted to share a few things from the Stiletto Pitch and Strut. We had a great day of positive energy among women ! It may be rare , but it’s NECESSARY. We laughed , cried , learned and networked ! We stayed 2 hours over after the event just loving on one another. When I created this event , it started out super small. However, we have grown! But this week, I’m dedicated to continuing the energy from yesterday. I will share key points from the event all week. One of the things I want you to think about this week is to not despise small beginnings. The Bible says the Lord rejoices to see the work begin. If you fail ... start again. If you are tired .... go at pace that works for you. If you need to learn more about your new venture... make up your mind to be teachable. God never downloads us a vision without providing provision. Slow down , stop being influenced by social media and create your signature path. Remember that even in a small beginning... it’s still a beginning. 





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