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Everything You Need is Inside of You

April 7, 2019

Hey everyone! Dropping a quick message before I head to church. I want to share with you one of my first quarter discoveries. It will hopefully help you to understand that you’re good. 


Around Christmas time , I mapped out who I was gonna get to help me organize my business, someone for my home , and of course my education schedule as I travel. By February ( keep in mind that’s 2 months later), God downloaded the realest revelation ever when it comes to my business ... EVERYTHING I NEED IS ON THE INSIDE . TAP INTO IT ! From there , I have been rolling every since expanding my brand and really , I have learned to control the pace because it could move much faster. 

I’m sharing this because at first, I thought God was the one telling me to do this and that. But when I realized it was just me and my ambition to get out there more , I had to back that up. You can’t share your ideas and thoughts with everyone. As Eric B once said “a pen and a paper.” Writing your goals down helps to obligate you and for you to find a way. When you seem more vested , God will send the right people to connect you so that the vision you have goes further and succeeds. I just wanted you to know that YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES ALREADY. The key is what part are you gonna play in your success? If you half do ... you will find yourself losing time and money. Goals are about opportunities. Time is the most precious commodity of the two. Take time to decompress today , get connected to your inner self , and set goals that you can achieve to keep you encouraged for the bigger picture. I’m cheering for you !!!





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