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There’s Hope

April 21, 2019

Hey everyone!! Today we pause for one of my favorite holidays... Resurrection Day ! I know its mainstream name is Easter , but go with me on this. Think about a man people hung , killed , put on his graves clothes ... and came back and the stone was rolled away !!!! 


Now relate this to your life. Think about when people wanted you counted out , thought they finished you , and then you got elevated to a level they can’t even reach you !!!!!!! As you can tell , I’m a believer . No matter your beliefs , the testimony is of HOPE !! This week, I hope you experience hope ... not just wishing , but hope. Hope causes us to act and produce results. It causes restorations of friendships, marriages, businesses, and ideas. Hope is a catalyst that will keep your fire burning when the world seems to have water waiting to douse it. You can win ... just keep hope ALIVE. Have a great day of reflection, energy restoral and the ultimate reminder of what was done out of love to bring hope for others. 





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