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Fair Weather Folks Will Hinder You If You Allow Them

May 19, 2019

Hey everyone! This has been on my heart to share ... but life ! Anywho , I recently taught a class in Houston at the Image Expo. I went on to share with them the damage that fair weather folks can do to your gifts , your dreams , your brand ... you as a person. A fair weather friend is the one that cheers for you when it is of benefit to them. Soon as you get to the partly cloudy phase of life ... they break ! A fair weather person can also be the one that is the listening ear when you’re going through but as soon as things start looking up for you , they break ! We all know them . Some aren’t just your friends ... they can be relatives , spouses and industry mates as well. The solution is to identify them. Next , you need to wean yourself from needing to tell them every weakness and deficiency you have. See, a solution oriented person will listen ... and then help you trouble shoot ! They are not going to allow you to waddle around in defeat or difficulty. They have real encouragement, clap when you win and help you also celebrate your wins. Now you have to reciprocate that to them as well. You don’t want to be the person that is also the fair weather friend. I encourage you also to go to free and paid events where you can receive empowerment from those that speak your language. Empowerment events are everywhere. Remember that what you speak out of your mouth the most will answer you ... including the voice of old “fair weather.” Please check out my podcast from this week where I discuss the value of friends or people that will tell you the truth in life. Have a great week of purpose, on purpose!!! Stiletto Talks Podcast 


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