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Sisterhood Matters

July 31, 2019


Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great summer. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to launch Stiletto Talks Valley! The women who were in the room came for a day of networking and sisterhood. They got it! During our panel session, we talked about balancing home, businesses, work , kids, baes & husbands...life! One subject that kept coming up was sisterhood. Through our discussion, it was apparent that many women have been hurt by those gave the title of sister to. In a day and time where a social media post or loose lips can destroy a sisterhood, we must ever mindful to fight for our sisterhood. It is the catalyst to healthy families, businesses, and relationships. If you know that there is a conversation that needs to be had... have it if the relationship is worth it. Some lack the skills to maintain a healthy sisterhood and many are willing to learn. The panel kept it real and we had to end because the time was up. If you tune in to The Stiletto Talks Podcast on iTunes or Google Play, I really dive into the positive benefits of sisterhood. Check it out!

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