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Paula is originally from Dallas but has resided in Louisiana over 25 years. Paula is a dedicated wife, mother, sister, friend , and businesswoman. She has various certifications in cosmetology, including cosmetology instructor. she has taught for years at various hair-shows and cosmetology forums. She holds an A.A. and B.S Degree of Business from the University of Phoenix.  Paula has served as a panelist as well. One need that she constantly saw was that many had the tools but lacked the ability to implement them. This was also the case with many  of her clients in various professions. Many sought out her advice based on her 20 plus years of experience as a business owner. From there, she decided to pursue a degree in Business with a concentration in Small Business Entrepreneurship. She currently is a author of two books based on her original industry of cosmetology (The Rootz About Hair and If the Salon Walls Could Talk). The third book is based on her teachings to business groups and individuals entitled How to Get Free from People. Her classes are dynamic and give "real life " approaches and tips to troubleshoot with results.

Professional Info

  • Recognized by SCOREBR and EBR Parish Mayor  Sharon  Weston  Broome as a Small Business Owner

  • Chew's Symposium Educator

  • Chew's Hair Affair Educator

  • Educator at Texas International Hair Show

  • Educator at The Image Expo (Dallas & Houston)

  • Panelist for Small Business for BR Entrepreneurs' Week

  • Creator and Panelist for A Walk In My Stilettos

  • Author for the inaugural IWE Festival

  • Former trained Phase 1 educator for Paul Mitchell Systems

  • Branding on a Budget Educator

  • Multiple class recognitions for completion of Small Business Entrepreneurship classes

  • Mentor for SCORE

  • 2020 Madame CJ Walker Business Woman Award Recipient (AGC Collector's Club)

  • City Director, Walker's Legacy Phoenix

  • Speaker, 2020 Podcast Movement Virtual Conference

  • 2 Time Amazon Best Selling Author

  • CEO & Founder of The Stiletto Talks LLC, 2017

  • Arizona Women's Expo, 2019

  • Presenter, Arizona English Teachers Association , 2023

  • Presenter. Arizona School of Black Educators, 2024

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