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Connecting Your Efforts to Your Purpose (Recap)

Hello everyone! I am still so full from yesterday's class! It felt so good to pour into others and get into some things. If you were unable to attend, I am listing a few takeaways.

  1. Irritation is Part of the Process. Everyone experiences middle -of-the-road situations. We know the definition for making us uncomfortable, but if you scroll to the other definitions, you will see that it also means to excite the system with a characteristic action or function (Merriam-Webster,2023). All it means is your inner self is called to something else. Don't ignore, get moving!

2.Explanations/Expectations. Please stop placing so much focus on explaining your next moves. Everyone is not going to understand and you will deplete your expected upgrade before you have a chance to enjoy it. In other words, concentrate on you. They will see later on why you had to move the way you did.

3.Connection is in Implementation. If you do not move, the dream will not move. Get busy aligning your social media , groups, events and conversations around your next level. Manifestations are real and you cannot do the same things and expect a new thing.

I hope this information will make you think. It is always good to revisit and revive. Wishing you all of the success and happiness your heart can hold. Stay connected to me on social media and consider joining the Entrepreneur's Circle on my website.

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