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Time To Do A New Thing

This year has flown by. It certainly has been filled with all of the ebbs and flows of life. We have laughed , cried, pivoted, and adapted. I can personally say that I didn't fold and I am ready to leave 2022 in the past. The "new normal" has given us quite the run but there is fresh hope in the air. The normal is no longer new and it is time to move into 2023.

Whether you got everything that you wanted, the opposite or somewhere in between, we must be willing to keep moving forward. That often looks like assessing, making adjustments and affirming that our dreams are real. Do not let anything negative keep you from imagining your next.

I challenge you to declare affirmative things over your life instead of making resolutions. Focus of manifestations instead of unrealistic goals. Create a positive mantra that becomes your go-to when the days are tough. Take the class you need or that trip you deserve. Network and connect with people that align with your future.

To help you stay on track, our monthly call is coming back. It's free and a great way to be filled with some positivity. Both coaching and professional development services will be available virtually. Last but not least, I will be hosting discussions on our webpage and You Tube channel! I have identified some people that have stood tall in the face of adversity and will be sharing how they went after their next. Get ready and remember, " aim for the moon and if you don't get there, you'll be among the stars."~Dolemite



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