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A Real Mother for Ya

Motherhood is a title that comes when a woman gives birth. It is also a title by definition, bestowed upon those who function or have the authority of one. Motherhood has many ebbs and flows. Every relationship with a mother is different. Many have great memories and some, not so much. The title comes with lots of responsibility, expectations, smiles, tears and fears. It comes with both expectations and unexpected events. For me personally, I honor the joy of being a mother of 32 years while spending my first Mother's Day without my mom who recently passed away last month. Whatever or however you have the title, I pray that you showed yourself love and were loved by others. We are the first givers of instruction. We shape communities and legacy. Because of us... many are . Nobody can do what we do and how we do it. Cheers to continued, strength, healing, and love. Please honor the fact that you are doing your best and we all have room to improve. Have a great week of purpose on purpose Queens.



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