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Don’t Start That Groupthinking!!!

Hey everyone! It’s February and I can hear the buzz of the last decade trying to invade the new one. One thing that sticks out to me the most is groupthinking. Groupthinking is when everyone goes along with ideas in the same pattern. In other words ... going along to get along. This pattern has been studied and often found in groups and organizations. In fact, groupthink patterns destroy ideas and goals according to research.

Groupthinking can be found on social media and daily conversations as well. One person says “ Throw January away!” The next thing you see are those posting memes , folks got apparel with the saying ... but what’s worse is people start to believe it just because someone said it.

Groupthinking has been proven over and over again to be detrimental. Why ? Because there is no diversity in thought. Why would you believe an entire month is bad because someone said it ? If your experiences have been good , celebrate that ! You don’t have to drink the Kool Aid. As a new month is now here , keep working on your goals even when others say it won’t work. How do they know it won’t work. Remember that your belief system drives your actions and experiences. Work your plan and get among conversations that are different but positive. Let 2019 stay where it’s at. It’s 2020 and you got things to do.

Peace ,


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