Gotta Share !!


Hello everyone! It is the middle of May and things are heating up! There are some great things happening among us and I wanted to be in the know. First, we have a free event coming up next month! If you have made a business plan or created a business, people need to know about it. Strategy is everything and we are getting into it . Click here to register.

Next, some of us are headed to Punta Cana in June! We are getting away to get inspiration and celebrate one another. While some cannot travel with us, you can still be connected. You are invited to online access to the classes with Kachelle Kelly and more plus myself on June 11-12. Click here to register.

if you are someone that is hosting a development event or looking to develop yourself in the next chapter of life, please go to the Book Online tab of the site. If you got a vision seed, it deserves to be planted. Let's connect and grow your dreams.

Happy Monday and let's do this!


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