Guard Your Gates

If you had a praying grandmother or went to any Baptist or COGIC church, chances are “guard your gates” was stated. Now as children, we added this phrase to the long list of cultural warnings and lessons that are generally summed up in one sentence. As we become adults , our personal space is filled with numerous declarations over our lives that we don’t ask for. Many of those declarations have manifested not because of prophetic power but often, because of believe of what was spoken over us.

If 2020 taught you nothing else , it taught you to change your mindset for survival. Now that 2021 is here , we must be mindful of our intake of information that can take us off-course rather than the next level.

Guard your gates refers to what you hear, see and say. Words that you speak are powerful but so are the words you listen to. Words can provoke actions. What we see can provoke salvation as well. Now you have to decide if you will listen to what someone else has declared over you or will you trust your inner voice. Be mindful that many voices have risen up during thus time and everyone is not responsible with their influence. It’s ok to sift through what is being demonstrated, said or spoken. But it can be a wild ride ignoring your life experiences and placing too much value on those who may not truly care if you succeed or fail. Use this time to evaluate before implementing the words of others over your life. Be mindful of how they move as well. Make sure you write down your own goals and then get inspiration that aligns with your goals. Your inner self will let you know if something doesn’t feel right. Here’s to working on and crushing those goals all 2021.

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