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Learned Moments

A moment of transparency. Earlier this year, my mom was diagnosed with a cancer that has a low survival rate. Now before that happened, I had BIG PLANS for the year … a signature international event that had great momentum , new business launches, new affiliations, and a follow up to my #1 Best Seller anthology project. First thing that happened was I needed emergency surgery to save my life. Next , my mother’s illness . Next , cancelled event due to her health issues , angry folks , disappointment and just plain chaos. Basically, see the gif above for what the universe had to say about my 2021 plans. I was beyond devastated, hurt and vulnerable. There were many in my tribe that supported me and continue to do so while others …. received a needed exit from my life. You see sometimes, we gotta be thankful for what didn’t go our way. I have a profound respect for life now and it’s flow. Sometimes we are in fact in a season of drought. Now drought means many things to everyone, but I consider one component to be a lack of support and direction.

But guess what … we cannot stay in the abyss of lack when life shows out ! We need support , coaching , and another set of eyes in our situations. Now I am not referring to everyone in your business, but I am referring to those that value tools to help them abound the pitfalls that come with the balancing act of entrepreneurship and real life. On October 1, 2021, this website will launch its Entrepreneur Circle! I never want anyone to go through what I have so I created a circle of support. This group will feature education and support experiences not available in the free events. Please go to subscriptions and get access for FREE for a 7 days. Early subscribers will receive an e-tool kit not available for free. I look forward to sharing with you all EVERYTHING I have learned.

Go to thus link below to register ! It’s the best $10 (.33 a day ) a month you will spend.

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