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New Things Popping!

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for your patience this year! I have a sick mom with pancreatic cancer, a new grandchild, an adjusting nephew and more. Life in 2021 has stretched me in so many ways and I know you all can relate. However, the one thing that I know about life is that you must roll with or get rolled over.

To that, I wanted to announce some changes that will begin to see on this website. The first is the focus of the page will shift solely for coaching, branding and development. Any hair products on the page will move to If you have ordered here recently, your orders will be fulfilled so no worries.

Additionally, this site will be geared towards those that are looking to transformed and maintain. I took the time this year to acquire my master's degree in adult education, become ordained ( yes, your girl is a minister), and become a certified life coach. It was important to me to develop the necessary skills and credentials that show that my investment in others is for real. To connect with me, the calendar will be available and just know that if we are working on your brand, WE WILL BE WORKING !! Don't book me if you do not want to work. If you are committed to getting yourself on another level, I look forward to assisting you. Thank you so much for your support over these years. Many of you have seen me transform before your eyes and without you, none of this would be possible.

Let's Work Your Next,


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